Clipboard broken in Arduino interface

I apologize if this is a common complaint or has already been answered.

I have installed Arduino on 3 separate PC’s (1 vista, 2 XP). The vista machine and one of the XP machines throw sun java errors when trying to copy or paste code. Other than this they operate perfectly - but no arduino<>windows clipboard functionality – note that i can copy/paste within the arduino sketch but not between windows(notepad) and arduino sketch)

I have the latest java updates running.

Any ideas? Is there another 3rd party interface i could use?

Not sure what to tell you.

Windows XP here, and on 2 other machines.

Tested on all...

Copies fine from IDE into both PSPad and Windows notepad.

Test both Right Click -> Copy as well as simply hitting Ctrl-C.

The only thing that doesn't work is Shift-Del. It will delete text but doesn't copy to clipboard. Ctrl-X works just fine for that though.

Thanks for the reply.

yes, it is strange. I have no problems at all on my compaq tc4400 which is running "XP tablet PC edition".