$$ clock code

I am looking to pay someone to write some clock code

hardware -: arduino, lcd, RTC (based on any of the common I2C rtc chips) , 3 or 4 input switches, 2 output pins.


clock is used to operate a door lock.
4 times needed to allow/disallow entry or exit through door
time 1 allows start of enter time - output A high
time 2 stops enter time - output A low
time 3 allows start of exit time - output B high
time 4 stops exit time - output B low

upon power up of arduino lcd ask to set current time

this is to be done manually not by computer when uploading sketch.

4 entry/exit times are stored in eeprom current time can be volatile.

inputs used to toggle between and the setting of current time, enter start time, enter stop time, exit start time, exit stop time.

lcd used for setting of times only, once times are set lcd turns off to save battery power.
pressing any input button turns lcd back on.

time to be presented in 12 hour format am/pm

day/date not required. entry/exit times are the same every day 365 days per year

do not care which pins are used for inputs and outputs

Hi bazzapromenade,

Just curious - What type of door lock do you have planned?


What about automatic compensation for daylight saving time ?

Patduino thanks for your pm.

Its for a particular entry turnstyle that can be set to allow entry into a building only during preset hours and also exit during different preset hours. The rest of the time entry or exit can be denied through this particular rout.

Daylight savings compensation will not be required.

Hi @bazzapromenade - Look for a PM from me about this project. Thanks.