Clock Help :(

I just started playing with an Arduino Duemilanove :smiley: and made a knight rider LED bar. My dad gave some 7 and 14 segment displays to mess with. After make the knight rider thing, I wanted to make a clock out of the 2 14 segment displays. After looking around the wed for a schematic, I created an account for this forum to get some help on my project. Here is what I want the clock to look like:

The lights in the background are from the knight rider thing.

I just need a schematic and the code to make the clock work.


It depends. Are your displays common cathode? Anode? Multiplexed? Some weird, never heard of before pinout? Wireless (guessing not, but just saying it to emphasize that we need more info)?

Give us some more info, like
How many pins do you plan on using?
PWM output?

The 2 dual 7 segment displays are both common cathode.
Here is the pin configuration: