clock of pc through usb

Hi, I would like to know if is there any way to obtain the clock of the pc through usb? I've seen people use DS1307 chip to manage clock info, but maybe someone know another way to get it. Thanks!

If you have an Arduino (like the Duemilanove) with a USB port, you can have a PC program send the time to it like any other serial-based program.

There's no standard way for the Arduino to get at the PC clock directly, though: you must set up some mechanism (definitely software, possibly also some hardware) on the PC to communicate with the Arduino.

The Time library from the Playground contains example sketches that show how the library can be used with various time sources. TimeSerial.pde in that package is the example that shows how to use the clock from a PC through the USB connection.

GoBetwino can also do it.

Thanks to everybody!!! Time library! Great!

I like the concept of GoBetweeno, MikMo! Cool idea; I'll download it when I get back on my main PC!