Clock on Yun

Hello Guys!!

I have a question. Why my Arduino Yun shows the time with a one hour less?? My Local time is from Madrid (Spain), which is GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in summer. It is also syncronized with an NTP server, so it is so weird.

By the way, how can I get the time from the Yun to the sketch?? The examples on the internet are not so clear.


Did you set your time zone (location) on the Yun's setup web page?

And for your second question, have you seen this? Time Check Example

Manually adjust Daylight Saving Time for country/city not in Daylight Saving Time profile or It is just changed (start at this summer).

Get datetime at Linux:

root@Arduino:/usr/bin# date
Tue Jan 27 20:48:48 EST 2015

for precise time (nanosecond)

/usr/bin/date "+%d/%m/%Y%l:%M:%S::%N"
16/11/2014 2:08:14::883694217

Arduino (sketch) side:

How to get yun name date in sketch?