Clock project power backup

Hello folks,

Been a long time since I did a proper arduino project, so I’m looking for some advice.

What I want to achieve is triggering several relays based on a 24 hour clock, but ideally I would be able to power off and on the arduino when I desire without having to re program the current time.

Does anyone know a cheap (or free) way to do this? I will be using my old NG board. (Rev 3!)

The only good solution I’m currently thinking of is having a button that will set the hour on the board to how many times you push it. (Hopefully I’ve explained that okay)


Apologies if this turns out to be in the wrong forum. Not sure if it will end up being a programming or hardware thing...

What are you using for your timekeeping ?
It sounds like you may need to step up to an RTC like the DS3231 with its own battery backup.

lastchancename suggested using a DS3231 sensor, the module can be gotten for less then $1.50 from several online suppliers. At that price it would not be worth all of the work you are looking at. You will also find examples and code for this on line. Have fun!

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