ClockTHREE, an "Arduino based" RGB array

I've been advised against calling our ClockTHREE board "Arduino based". I certainly do not wish up upset the Arduino community, the best.

I like "Arduino based", since there is no doubt that the hardware is based on Arduino.

I see the recommended term "ClockTHREE (Arduino-Compatible)" on the FAQ.

Please advise.

Thank you, Justin

Well you can say it is arduino compatible.

If it is based on the design of an arduino board (schematic copied from a duemilanove or uno for example) then I would say it is based on arduino design.

If it is just using the same/similar components then it is not arduino based. The board is based around an ATmega chip (probably with an arduino bootloader but maybe with an optiboot bootloader now) with other components making it arduino compatible.

I'd stick to 'arduino compatible' but it's only a description, you could change the wording slightly in future if necessary.


Your post states the problem, references the FAQ ( , and then uses that information to provide an “approved” alternative.

The FAQ clearly says:

Here are a few guidelines that explain which uses we consider reasonable…
Xxxxxx (Arduino-Compatible) - variations and clones which are software and hardware compatible

So what is your question? You asked and answered in the same post.

Touche, and so did you!

Justin ;)

Mowcius' answer was more than sufficient. The mods are going in presently.