ClockTHREE Kickstarter Project!

Hey, we just launched an arduino programmed project called ClockTHREE, an open source hardware RGB LED array.

Check out the project and video here:

We need to raise $1111 to do a production run of boards (which we will distribute to our backers). So please spread the word and help this project succeed.

Thanks, Justin

I love clocks.

no thanks

Thanks FlorinC!! You are our first backer! I have admired your elegant clocks for a long time!

Thanks for the support!

... and thanks for having a look Ste Hughes!


I am sorry but this is just a direct ripoff from QLOCKTWO by BIEGERT&FUNK. Although I really like the concept and was thinking about building a clone myself I really don't like the idea of earning money with an idea from someone else.

Meinaart, Thanks for checking out the project. We give the awesome QlockTWO credit on our site. This is a beautiful clock.

But the word clock is just an application for our RGB array. The board is just a large RGB array that can be used for any number of purposes. For instance, I intend to make a sunclock (an earth map lit where the sun is currently shining) with mine.

Plus, you can't hack a QlockTWO, make your own language or add vital times like "IT'S BEER THIRTY".

I'd say the biggest deterent is the cost. The large boards are expensive and the LEDs cost about 50 cents each (ouch).

Anyway, thanks for posting your oppinion! And good luck with your QlockTWO!


Does this really need to be on a large circuit board though ? The LEDs could be though hole mounted on an ABS sheet and wired back to a much smaller circuit board surely ?

Aah - just registered that it’s an RGB array - that’s pretty impressive. What are the specs (bits per colour) ?

@defsdoor -- Thanks for checking ClockTHREE out! We did have discussions about having a separate board for the leds, but the leds are the biggest expense! With spares you are looking at $100 worth of leds. And we wanted to make it easy to build.

As of now we have 1 bit color. When we get the boards fired up, we will experiment with that.

It is based on the Peggy 2 architecture if you are familiar with that broad from

Thanks again! Justin

I didn’t notice you give credit to QLOCKTWO in your project post. I am sorry for the harsh tone in my first reply :).

Still very cool idea but a bit expensive for just a hobby project imho. Wish you the best with this project.

Looking forward to more videos of this board :).

Meinaart, No problem. I agree that it is (more than a bit) expensive for just a hobby project. We have to order at least 10 boards and there is no way we can afford to build each of them up. If others are interested enough to purchase some of our boards, we can recoup some of our costs.

We will keep you posted with assembly videos.

Thanks again, Justin :)