Clone a 2.4Ghz RF Android TV remote controller

I'm newbie and, after playing with arduino uno R3, I want to playing again, ;)

I want to know if it could be possible, with a nRF24L01 reciever and transmitter, read the signals that my remote controller sends and then replicate afterwards through my Arduino.

I've already open the remote controller, and it has a BEKEN BK2421 RF transmitter. I've googled and it seems a clone of nRF24L01.

I don't need to decode or understand the signal, and only want to "save" it and "resend" afterwards.

Has the RF signal encryption or similar ? Is there a pair between transmitter and receiver ?

Is the project possible ?

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NOTE: I've already seen projects lke this for IR remote controllers, but mine is RF 2.4 GHz.

Does anybody know about it ?I've read several 433 Mhz sniffers web pages, but I don't know it the protocol o communication is the same for 433 Mhz and for 2.4 Ghz.

Could it be possible ?

Best regards and happy new year !!!

Does aAnybody know something about this ?

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