Clone ESP8266

Good morning.
First of all I apologize for the English I am using a translator.

My question is how I can clone a ESP8266.

I have a Led Pixel controladr that the only thing you have is a ESP8266.
I have the problem that the track connector is broken.
What I want to do is download the software that has the ESP8266 to load it into a new ESP8266.

I want to do is clone the customized software or firmware ESP8266.

Thank you very much.

My question is how I can clone a ESP8266.

Would you ask at the Ford dealer how to clone a Chevy? The ESP8266 is NOT an Arduino.

The fact that it can be programmed like an Arduino means that the hex file can be copied from the ESP8266 just like it can be copied from any other Arduino, using the avrdude command.