Clone ROBOT LCD Keypad Shield w/ Arduino MEGA issues

Hello everyone.

the basic rundown of my problem is:

i am trying to make a RTC + thermometer to put in to the dash of a car but i am having problems with my Arduino.

i spent a couple days trying to upload a sketch to the arduino with no success until i managed to get the basic blink sketch uploaded on to it so i know that my clone arduino mega works in that way.

my current problem is that my LCD keypad shield will not post a Hello World.

i know for a fact that my code is correct. and i know it is uploading to the arduino because i incorporated the blink sketch in to it.

the LCD screen powers up with a blue background and the top row full of white boxes, i cant get them to clear or change.

the shield is firmly in place so i know all the connections are solid between the arduino MEGA and the shield but i just don't know why it isn't printing the hello world.

if any help can be given then i would love that.

if you really want to see my code then do say and ill put it on here same with any pics of the hardware :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys. 8)