cloning a rf remote in 869.5Mhz frequency

im trying to clone a rf remote the operates in 869.5Mhz. i was able to find lots of guides of how to to that using a rf module in the 433Mhz frequency but i cant seem so be able to find a cheep module for 869.5 am i missing something?

i could find this type of module but its 868mhz and i cant tell if it would work

Hi, welcome to the forum.
What kind of rf remote do you want to clone.
If it's one with rolling code (cars, gareage doors, etc.), forget about it.


it belongs to a model aircraft it is part of a system made by a guy in Russia i have no idea if its using rolling code... in fact i know verry little about it. only that it is doing a very a basic function and they are charging us way too much for it. (around 190 euro) so i want to make my own