Cloning rc 2.4ghz radio signals

Hi, im working on a project where i send 2.4 ghz signals to a remote control helicoptor. I have a nRF24L01+ transceiver and i know that the remote control has an "amiccom a7105" transmitter chip. How would i clone the signals from the rc transmitter so i can control the rc helicoptor from the arduino and nRF24L01+ chip?

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~ Will

Do you get the solution for this? This is exactly what I'm trying to do.

Other than being in the same ISM radio frequency allocation spectrum, there is likely nothing else in common between the nRF2401 and the R/C radios.

The nRF2401 has its own messaging format for sending/receiving data and I do not expect it to be feasible to communicate with the R/C units.

Lots of things are '2.4GHz radio signals' - wireless phones, blue-tooth devices, WI-fi routers and so on.

Thanks for the reply JohnHoward. Is it possible to actually “hack” the message of RF2401 package to suit A7105 ones? I know that

RF2401 format: <1 bytes preamble> <3-5 bytes address> <9 bytes packet control field> <1-2 bytes CRC>

A7105 format:<4 bytes preamble> <4 bytes ID code> <2 bytes CRC>

Shouldn’t is possible to communicate the two of them if I format the RF24 1 bytes preamble + 3 bytes address as 4 bytes preamble, then first 4 bytes of packet control field as ID code, and the rest as payload?

You may find it simpler to replace the receiver in the helicopter with one that is compatible with a transmitter you can connect to the Arduino. But that might be a too expensive option.

You may be interested in these devices and their Deltang equivalents (link at the bottom of the page). I am using them to wirelessly control model trains.


Have a look here:

@Zapro in your example, DZL uses quadcopter that uses BK2421 as its main transceiver chip. Then he uses RFM-70 which happens to have BK2421 on it, too. The problem in our case: our quadcopter has A7105 chip while we own a RF2401 chip. Both of them have different data communication protocol. I'm still thinking that there must be some way to hack this :/