Close Source Techzone electornics based of Arduino

Over at the RepRap forum

I said "Also when do you plan to upload your 1 board version of the Gen3 electronics?"

Kim (owner of Techzone) said "Also our monolithic is not generation three. It is a new design"

Her website, at claims "This electronics set is based on Sanguino - A derivative of Arduino (Atemega 644p)".

Is this company under any legal obligation to release their board designs considering they are selling them?

Short answer no they aren't required to release their hardware design.

As long as it is not a derivative of an Arduino design, then it would be their design to decide what they do with.

In most cases the circuit isn't much different in different designs and usually can't be much different. There are certain required components required to make the chip work. You can't really protect that. But you can protect the layout and board design which is pretty much what Arduino does.

The software on the other hand is another issue.