[CLOSED] Due 1.6.6. loads and executes code partially.

This is not a programming / help me etc post.
Just want to know if anybody experienced similar issue.
I have ino file with #include file containing standard main, and was making progress coding until the "upload" started failing. ( I have been happy with 1.6.6. for couple of months - no problema)
At first the status would say "uploading" but it was not.
When it would upload ( erase...cpu reset) the process would stop at some debug point.
It just looked as if the load did nor finish.
But if compiled without any errors.

So I stated deleting the debug code and the execution would continue to stop sooner.
Ended up, reluctantly, downloading another , newer copy of 1.6.6 and my problem is no more.

Please - if do not have similar experience do not reply.
Reply ONLY if you can contribute to the subject of my post.

The older and until few days ago working 1.6.6 (hourly?) release just quit updating the edited files, but it was updated / modified in IDE display window. Not really happy about that, it should be OS job to verify if the file is "dirty" and needs updating.