[Closed] LCD_03 problem (serialmode)


I have a tricky question. Suddenly my LCD03 only displays “Serialmode”. Yesterday everything worked ok but today it doesn’t. I’m tearing my hair of in frustration.

I compile the code and upload it using the USB-interface.

HW and used ports • Arduino Uno board • LCD03 (in serial mode) connected to pins 2(rx) 3(tx) port • IR Remote Control connected to pin 11 • MD3 Motor Controller connected to A4 (SDA), A5 (SCL) • AttoPilot Volt & Cur. BoB 90A connected to the digital A0 and A1

Please give me some guidance!

Adding some code from my program

define LCD_RX 0x02 // Arduino pin for rx

define LCD_TX 0x03 // Arduino Pin for tx

define LCD03_HIDE_CUR 0x04 // Stops the position cursor from appearing on the display

define LCD03_CLEAR 0x0C // Clears the screen and sets cursor to the home position

define LCD03_RETURN 0x0D // Carriage Return

define LCD03_SET_CUR 0x01 // Cursor to a position specified by the next byte, where 1 is the top left and 80/32 is the bottom right

define LCD03_BACKLIGHT_ON 0x13

. SoftwareSerial lcd_03 = SoftwareSerial(LCD_RX, LCD_TX); // Sets up serial for LCD03 .

void setup() { Serial.begin(14400); Wire.begin(); //i2c comunication with motor set up delay(100); irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver delay(100); setUpLcd(); // Initiate LCD delay(100); }

void loop(){ if (irrecv.decode(&results)) //Wait for input from IR-Remote { translateIR(); //Analyze result from IR-Remote, detarmine pressed button readAmpVolt(); writeToLcd(); irrecv.resume(); } }

void setUpLcd(){ lcd_03.write(LCD03_SET_CUR); lcd_03.write(LCD03_BACKLIGHT_ON); // Turn on LCD light lcd_03.begin(9600); // Begin serial for LCD03 lcd_03.write(LCD03_HIDE_CUR); //Hides LCD03 cursor lcd_03.write(LCD03_CLEAR); //Clears LCD03 screen lcd_03.write(LCD03_BACKLIGHT_ON); }

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