Closed Loop Stepper IHSS57-XX

Hey guys,

i got a closed loop stepper motor (IHSS57-XX) and need to control it via Arduino.
This is the manual:

I know that in order to drive the motor to a certain position, i need to send a defined amount of pulses via the PUL-Pins (the amount is depending on full-stepping-, half-stepping- or microstepping-setting) and the motor rotates until i stop sending pulses.
What are the PED-Pins (Arrive position output) for then? Is there a way to tell the motor driver which position to go to in advance?

I saw that is has a Serial RS232-Port, but to my understanding its just used to set some parameters, not to control the motor, is that correct?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I think you are correct about the RS232 port. If you do want to use it be aware that normal RS232 voltage levels are not compatible with the Arduino’s 5v TTL serial voltages. However it’s not clear from the manual what voltage level is used by the module. If it does use RS232 voltage levels then you need a MAX232 chip to convert to TTL voltages.

Surprisingly I cannot see any information in the manual about how to use the product and whether you need to do anything different from a normal stepper motor. My guess is that you use it like a normal stepper motor and if it misses a step (or goes too far when stopping) you will get an alarm signal, if you are monitoring it. Not sure what you are supposed to then :slight_smile:


Its confusing that its called a stepper in their literature, as this is a servomotor.

It happens to have a controller that emulates the step/direction interface to a stepper motor
and acts as a servomotor in position control mode with the granularity controlled by the
microstepping setting.

The arrive position output presumably signals when its arrived at the currently commanded
position (!), which hopefully is all the time. Basically if the motor is overpowered and loses
position authority this output will indicate it. Whether it glitches during normal operation
I’d have no idea - wouldn’t be surprized!