Closed topics showing up in "Unread"

I continue to have topics I've posted to show up as "Unread" four months after the latest post. They are Unread only in the sense that the board is notifiying me that the topic has now been closed. I don't need to be notified of such closures, and would rather they not show up in Unread when the closure occurs. Is there a way to accomplish that?

a background job still closes old migrated topics, but the activity timestamp doesn't change so it is easy to sort by activity. after you handled current topics you can dismiss the old ones

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I don't understand. What do I sort by activity? How?

So four months from now, this thread will show up on Unread when it's closed? And every thread I participate in from now on will do that as well? That's going to get tiresome. Surely there's a way to prevent that.

this thread was created in this new forum system. the threads now closed by a background job were already closed in the old system but got open at migration.

the last column in Unread view is "Activity". if you click the label it will sort the list

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