So, what is the problem? Aside from the fact that you couldn't be bothered to read the stickies at the top of the forum, and post your code correctly.


Well, buttons don't let anything happen. You have to read the state of a pin that a switch is attached to, and decide whether the state of the pin, or the change of the state of the pin, means anything. If it does, take the appropriate action.

You haven't even defined how the buttons are sewn onto the Arduino.


I wouldn't use pin 0 or pin 1.
That makes debugging much harder.

Use A0 and A1 instead.

pinMode(INPUT, 0);Oops


If you're using switches, use the built-in pull-ups and connect one side of the switch to ground and the other to your input pin.

A closed switch will read LOW.


The pictorial/schematic representation of Post#7 is this:


Closed got it to work

It's really rude to blank all your posts like this though.

These forums are a really important resource for other Arduino users with similar questions.

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