Closely spaced RFID antennae (2 cm)

I am designing a circuit in which there are eaually spaced slots at distances of 2 cms in a linear fashion. Objects containing RFIDs can be put inside these slots for identification. I want to arrange RFID antennae beneath these slots. And I'll be connecting those using a MUX. The other end of the MUX is connected to a reader. How should I go about designing that?

All I know is that I need to use LF RFIDs as the distance of 2 cm is very small. I have absolutely no clue how to connect these parts together (I am a newbie). Any help in whichever direction would be highly appreciated. I did extensive research before posting this question, but could not find any case where the distance between the antennae was so small (2 cm).

PS: I am new to the world of electronics, so my knowledge of the subject is still very limited. Also, if you can name the various components that will be needed for this project, it will be very helpful of you.