CLosing topic in forum

Dear moderator,

Let me know how to closed solved topics for topic i posted

Add “[solved]” or “[closed]” to the title of the original post

No, go back to the [u]original post[/u] and edit the title of that.

But don't replace the title with SOLVED, rather add SOLVED to the title so peeps still know what it's about, as in "SOLVED: How do I parse an HTTP GET?:

Please don't go back to year-old posts and add a post "Thanks for support". It looks like spam, as you have done it about 20 times.

Just amend the topic of the original post to add "[solved]" to the subject line. Don't bump the thread with a "thank you" a year later.

Or do nothing at all. After a year, no-one cares. It just looks like the thread is being revived and put back at the top of the queue for no good reason. If you are going to mark it solved, do it a few days later, not a year later.