cloud connected weather station!

hi all,
im new to Arduino and i have this project to do for school and we chose to make a cloud connected weather station. basically the arduino is reading temperature, altitute, pressure, humidity, and light and uploading the readings to a google spreadsheet i created.
i have put together a code with some research but when i upload it to the arduino Yun and i open my spreadsheet i do not get the readings but it just keeps repeating the headings.
can someone please help me?
here is the code that i have.

#include <Bridge.h>
#include <Temboo.h>
#include "TembooAccount.h" // contains Temboo account information, as described below
#include "DHT.h"
#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_Sensor.h>
#include <Adafruit_BMP085_U.h>

int numRuns = 1;   // Execution count, so this doesn't run forever
int maxRuns = 10;   // Maximum number of times the Choreo should be executed

// Variables
int lightLevel;
float humidity;
float temperature;
float temperature_limit;
unsigned long time;

// Process to get the measurement time
Process date;

// DHT11 sensor pins
#define DHTPIN 8 
#define DHTTYPE DHT11

// DHT & BMP instances
Adafruit_BMP085_Unified bmp = Adafruit_BMP085_Unified(10085);

// Your Google Docs data
const String GOOGLE_USERNAME = "email";
const String GOOGLE_PASSWORD = "password";
const String SPREADSHEET_TITLE = "Yun";
const String TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS = "email";

// Debug mode ?
boolean debug_mode = false;


void setup() {
   // Start Serial
   if (debug_mode == true){
   // Initialize DHT sensor
     // Set temperature limit
 temperature_limit = 25.0;
   // Initialise the sensor

   // Start date process
 time = millis();
 if (!date.running())  {
 if (debug_mode == true){
   Serial.println("Setup complete. Waiting for sensor input...\n");
   // Initialise the sensor
   if (debug_mode == true){
   Serial.print("Ooops, no BMP085 detected ... Check your wiring or I2C ADDR!");}


void loop() {
    // Measure the humidity
   float humidity = dht.readHumidity();
       // Measure light level
   int lightLevel = analogRead(A0);
     // Measure pressure & temperature from BMP sensor
   sensors_event_t event;
   float pressure = event.pressure;
   float temperature;
   float seaLevelPressure = SENSORS_PRESSURE_SEALEVELHPA;
   float altitude;
   altitude = bmp.pressureToAltitude(seaLevelPressure,
     // Print measurements
   Serial.print("Humidity: ");
   Serial.print("Light level: ");
   Serial.print("Barometric pressure: ");
   Serial.print("Temperature: ");
   Serial.print("Altitude: ");
   // Repeat 50 ms
     if (debug_mode == true){
   Serial.println("\nCalling the /Library/Google/Spreadsheets/AppendRow Choreo...");
     // Append data to Google Docs sheet
 runAppendRow(humidity, lightLevel, pressure, temperature, altitude);
   // Send email alert ?
 if (temperature < temperature_limit) {
    if (debug_mode == true){Serial.println("Sending alert");}
    sendTempAlert("Temperature is too low!");
     // Repeat every 10 minutes
 // Function to add data to Google Docs
void runAppendRow(float humidity, int lightLevel, float pressure, float temperature, float altitude) {
 TembooChoreo AppendRowChoreo;
 if (numRuns <= maxRuns) 
   Serial.println("Running AppendRow - Run #" + String(numRuns++));
   //TembooChoreo AppendRowChoreo;

   // Invoke the Temboo client
   // Set Temboo account credentials
   // Set profile to use for execution
   // Set Choreo inputs
   AppendRowChoreo.addInput("Password", "password");
   AppendRowChoreo.addInput("RowData", "humidity, lightLevel, pressure, temperature, altitude");
   AppendRowChoreo.addInput("SpreadsheetTitle", "Yun");
   // Identify the Choreo to run
   // Run the Choreo; when results are available, print them to serial;
   // Restart the date process:
 if (!date.running())  
 // Get date
 String timeString = date.readString(); 
 // Format data
 String data = "";
 data = data + timeString + "," + String(humidity) + "," + String(lightLevel) + "," + String(pressure) + "," + String(temperature) + "," + String(altitude);

 // Set Choreo inputs
 AppendRowChoreo.addInput("RowData", data);

 // Run the Choreo
 unsigned int returnCode =;
   // A return code of zero means everything worked
 if (returnCode == 0) 
   if (debug_mode == true){
     Serial.println("Completed execution of the /Library/Google/Spreadsheets/AppendRow Choreo.\n");
 } else { 
   while(AppendRowChoreo.available()) {
     char c =;
 delay(10000); // wait 30 seconds between AppendRow calls


// Send email alert
void sendTempAlert(String message) {
 if (debug_mode == true){ Serial.println("Running SendAnEmail...");}
 TembooChoreo SendEmailChoreo;
 // set Temboo account credentials

 // identify the Temboo Library choreo to run (Google > Gmail > SendEmail)
 // set the required choreo inputs
 // see 
 // for complete details about the inputs for this Choreo

 // the first input is your Gmail email address
 SendEmailChoreo.addInput("email", GOOGLE_USERNAME);
 // next is your Gmail password.
 SendEmailChoreo.addInput("password", GOOGLE_PASSWORD);
 // who to send the email to
 SendEmailChoreo.addInput("email", TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS);
 // then a subject line
 SendEmailChoreo.addInput("Subject", "ALERT: Home Temperature");

 // next comes the message body, the main content of the email   
 //SendEmailChoreo.addInput("MessageBody", message);

 // tell the Choreo to run and wait for the results. The 
 // return code (returnCode) will tell us whether the Temboo client 
 // was able to send our request to the Temboo servers
 unsigned int returnCode =;

 // a return code of zero (0) means everything worked
 if (returnCode == 0) {
   if (debug_mode == true){Serial.println("Success! Email sent!");}
 } else {
   // a non-zero return code means there was an error
   // read and print the error message
   while (SendEmailChoreo.available()) {
     char c =;
     if (debug_mode == true){Serial.print(c);}

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