Cloud Editor Port Selection

Hello Forum,

Using Window 10 and IDE 1.8.15 have been getting Upload Error on the Nano Every for days.
In desperation tried Cloud Editor.

In the drop down to the right of the arrow pointing right choose Select Other Board and
The Nano Every is selected. (Which may have been issue with desktop IDE because the Every did not seem to be available.) The dialogue box also says
'Select Other Board & Port
Select both a BOARD and a PORT if you want to upload a sketch.
If you only select a BOARD you will be able just to compile
but not to upload your sketch.'

But there is no way to select a port.

And the sketch fails to load.

How to select the Port in the Cloud editor?


Allen in Dallas

That was one of the issues. There is a dedicated topic for discussion of the problems @AllenPitts is having on the desktop IDE here:

Do you have Arduino Create Agent running?

If you open Windows Device Manager and then plug in your Nano Every, do you see a new port appear under the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section of the device tree?

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