Cloud Storage


I'm looking for documentation, code, advice or direction on Cloud based storage using Arduino. I have a Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 with a Grove 6 axis accelerometer & gyroscope. I want to be able to upload the data from the accelerometer to a Cloud server using the wifi. If you have any ideas please let me know.


Call Google and Amazon and ask for a quote. AWS has some great deals at the moment.

Or search for a free service. They will have restrictions on quantity and speed of updates.

My library might help you - GitHub - gilmaimon/Arduino-CloudStorage: Arduino Arduino library for the CloudStorage server project. The library provides easy access to server-stored values and operations.
There is a server for public use, tho best thing will be to host your own. Server code (And public server details) is here: GitHub - gilmaimon/CloudStorage-Server: Simple backend for storing key/value pairs via http requests. Implemented with Node.js and MongoDB. Made for IOT projects.
It lets you store key value pairs of any type, so you could use that to store configuration and retreive it over wifi.