Hi all, having issues in Australia with Cloudfare, 522 error between Sydney and or, but interesting that worked..
Current date/time is 6th November 2020 10:18 AEST, been happening for over 24 hours.


Related report in the bug tracker:

I suspect it's related to this situation:

Dear users, the website is currently under an intense DDoS attack. We are aware of the situation and dealing with it. Please bear with us while we find a solution!

The person who made the bug report at the link above also posted a workaround:

I believe I've discovered a fix. The links above will work if you add a slash ('/') to the end of the URL.

This works:
toInt() - Arduino Reference

but without the slash at the end it does not. It seems the broken links are the ones without the slash at the end.

Hello, I'm Edoardo from the Operations team at Arduino. We have been subjected to a DDOS attack this week and the unfortunate consequence of it has been some pages going offline for some time. We enabled mitigations and were able to deflect part of it, but occasionally some page went offline. This happened mainly Tuesday and Wednesday.

522 is a simptom of such attack but you should not see it anymore now.

522 is a simptom of such attack but you should not see it anymore now.

I do, right now

Error 522 Ray ID: 5ee00ff4f820cac8 • 2020-11-06 16:07:34 UTC

still happening here too
Error 522 Ray ID: 5eefed522b6116c1 • 2020-11-08 14:20:07 UTC

It's nice to see that there are like 3 - 4 threads on Cloudfare :slight_smile:

It's working today!