CmdMessenger Library: Update the Wiki ?

This week I have updated CmdMessenger Library. Which is a simple Serial-based Communications Framework for the Arduino. It all explained the following README file:

My question now is:

Shouldnt we update the old links in the Arduino Wiki to point to the newest version of this Library ? I contacted the library's original author (Neil Dudman) a while ago, but received absolutely no reply. However this library is an excellent alternative to Firmata and should be pretty useful for a lot of people. No-one is really going to see it unless it gets a proper, up-to-date link on the Wiki.

The Official Libraries page ( is missing any kind of link or reference to CmdMessenger. However on the page it also mentions:

"Corrections, suggestions, and new documentation should be posted to the Forum."

I guess if no-one here objects we can just go ahead and update those relevant links? Many thanks.


I've been playing with CmdMessenger. It's really neat.

I need bi-directional communication for my project, and I'm using Processing as a GUI. I need something on Processing's end to interpret CmdMessages sent from Arduino.

I was looking through the code of CmdMessenger and it doesn't look too hard (though I am a novice programmer). Presumably I could make a command interpreter for Processing by looking through the code of CmdMessenger for Arduino and making something similar in Processing? Maybe even make a library out of it.

Does anything like this exist already?

I'm posting here because this seems to be the only thread about CmdMessenger on the Arduino forum so far.

Thanks for sharing CmdMessenger.

Is there any reason why I can't use it with SoftwareSerial and a Bluetooth module? I don't seem to be able to get data across the link whereas with a cable it works fine.

SoftwareSerial blueToothSerial(RxD,TxD);
CmdMessenger cmdMessenger = CmdMessenger(blueToothSerial, field_separator, command_separator);

All suggestions gratefully received.

Beardy241: Is there any reason why I can't use it with SoftwareSerial and a Bluetooth module? I don't seem to be able to get data across the link whereas with a cable it works fine.

I've tested it over a Bluetooth HC05 module and it seemed to work just fine. Never tried SoftwareSerial as that is incredibly slow and uses up all of the available CPU.

Thanks dreamcat

When I say SoftwareSerial - I mean the NewSoftSerial 11 (beta) from Mikal Hart - formerly called NewSoftSerial. Are you meaning the same? (or wasn't there an original SoftwareSerial library?)

I had been using the Messenger library but it seems the Bluetooth connection (using Seeeduino Twig Bluetooth Serial module) cannot carry a Return Carriage which Messenger needs to mark the end of a message. Moving up to CmdMessenger is great because of the ";" message delimiter.

My problem is that now telling CmdMessenger to talk over a bluetooth connection seems to kill all communication.

I'll do some more testing (fiddling!)


Thanks again dreamcat.

Encouraged by the fact that it’s working for you, I’ve stripped right back to the start and hacked through lots of examples…

I now have CmdMessenger talking to Director over Bluetooth (in both directions). Yippy-i-ay!

It isn’t yet working with my project code but I suspect there’s something conflicting somewhere. I’ve not found it yet but it’s a reasonably large project.

Thanks again.