cmos camera and transceiver

Hi . I would like to interface a low cost CMOS camera and a transceiver with an arduino uno (or a similar board) .
My requirements are that , I should capture an image from the camera and send it to my computer through the transceiver module .

I have come across a cmos camera (TCM8230MD)

and a transceiver (cc2500 )

I'm a software guy with a little knowledge about hardware and embedded systems . please suggest me whether these products satisfy my requirements and if so can they be used right out of the box or do I need other hardware along with them .

A note on how to connect the 3 components would me very much helpful.
reply as soon as possible . Thanking you .

There’s recent another thread about his same module.
I don’t think it is feasible, but I don’t have a full datasheet, just the rubbiah one from the Sparkfun site.