CMOS Camera Module

I was just looking into using a CMOS camera to get data from the environment, but don't know how I would connect it to the Arduino. Sparkfun has both of the following modules:

Has anyone been able to use anything like this with their Arduino or have any ideas of if/how it might be done?


Okay, then has anyone possibly interfaced with any sort of camera? I'm just trying to build something that watches for things to move past and then processes the colors it sees. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What sort of vision system does Robosapien v2 use? I know it can sense RGB, but I don't think you'd call it a "camera" - I guess this is what you are looking for.

Rahter than using the camera / light sensors for the movement detection as well could you use a motion sensor from a home security system? They just output a logic high when movement is detected. Then you could use some sort of simpler vision system, and not have to do any detection coding.

Any way just ideas, sounds like an interesting project.

Thanks for the response. That does actually sound close to what I want, but oh so spensive. The motion sensor is a great idea, and I'll try it if I can find one!

For anyone interested, I just found something that does what I want, but I can't afford to try yet. It's called CMUcam ( I'll have to save up and give it a go, then I'll do a tutorial if it works out.

I have had some prior experience with the CMUcam2 before, and it would probably fit your needs... but if you just want to sense motion and color, you should just get an RGB digital color sensor. They are extremely cheap and you could have a motion sensor trigger the arduino to read the rgb sensor.

The only problem I could see is that the sensor may only provide a color average for the entire scene before it, so the color being sensed would need to take up a large portion of the viewing area of the sensor.

Thanks for the info. An average color would, I think, be perfect. I looked into Avago and Taos color sensors, but I can’t seem to find them available for single purchase (except for a kit for the Taos that costs almost as much as a cmucam). Could you recommend a color sensor that I could by individually?