cmos camera to 3gp

hi, how can i convert the video input from a CMOS camera like this into something like .3gp or similar format? there are libraries out there? thanks

3GP - is the new mobile phone video file format.

You can't read video data in fast enough to the arduino let alone do any file conversion and output it. It's not fast enough and doesn't have enough memory.

Is arduino fast enought for only read data? maybe is there an IC that do the conversion?

edit: how the phone convert data in the videocall?

Phones are very, very high end technology. They're nearer your PC than an arduino. Phones have enough processing power and memory to downmix the video signal and send it over the network whilst receiving video and displaying both on screen.

Sparkfun used to do a camera with onboard jpeg compression - which meant you could use it with an arduino. It's no longer made and sparkfun are out of stock, but you could still get hold of one by shopping around (I picked one up last week). It still won't do video, but you could grap pics as quickly as possible then later stitch them together into a low frame rate video.

But to answer your original question, there are plenty of bits of software which will convert video formats such as Gordian Knott.

Is arduino fast enought for only read data?

From a video camera no.