CNC 3018 Is this board upgradable till GRBL v1.1h?


Xloader only gives me this options? - (CC01 or CR03)
Is it safe to upgrade till GRBL v1.1h?
Right now its 0.9 Version.

As a newbie, don't want to mess-up badly board/

Board Pic:

Upgrade options Pic:

Tags in case someone will search for it: JLF001, CC01, CR03, CNC 3018 Red board upgrade.

I am not sure about the Xloader options, but I have the same PCB board and upgraded to GRBL v1.1h with no detectable issues so far.

I understand your apprehension; but if you break something, you usually learn a whole lot more while repairing it than you would have otherwise! Good luck.