CNC 3018 Is this board upgradable till GRBL v1.1h?


Xloader only gives me this options? - (CC01 or CR03)
Is it safe to upgrade till GRBL v1.1h?
Right now its 0.9 Version.

As a newbie, don't want to mess-up badly board/

Board Pic:

Upgrade options Pic:

Tags in case someone will search for it: JLF001, CC01, CR03, CNC 3018 Red board upgrade.

I am not sure about the Xloader options, but I have the same PCB board and upgraded to GRBL v1.1h with no detectable issues so far.

I understand your apprehension; but if you break something, you usually learn a whole lot more while repairing it than you would have otherwise! Good luck.

I made the switch from GRBL v0.8 to v1.1 a few months back. The following details the lessons I learned. Hopefully, this will save you some time and frustration.

You might be wondering, “Tim, why did it take you so long to make your GRBL update.” After all, GRBL v1.1 has been out for a long time. The simple answer: my machine worked, and I didn’t want to break it. At this point, I would rather spend my time making parts than fiddling with my machine. After all my CNC mill is a tool to be used.

If you decide to update to GRBL v1.1 you will also need to update your version of Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) to either 2.0 Classic or 2.0 Platform. The changes in GRBL v1.1 make this software version incompatible with older versions of UGS. If you have not setup your Arduino based CNC controller, for a detailed post on setting up your controller.

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