CNC 3018 Pro Stopped communicating

I purchased a MySweety CNC-3018Pro, from Amazon, back in March (2020). It was working fine, both the Spindle and laser.

Then the world fell apart and I haven't had a chance to get back to it, until a few days ago.

Originally I was using a laptop with Windows 10. When I tried to use the machine a few days ago I connected it to a different Windows 10 system.

I installed the driver that came with the machine. I connected the USB cable to the PC and started lasergrbl. When I tried to focus the laser it did not turn on. The control board lights up when power is applied and the laser control board and laser cooling fans both spin.

I powered everything down, disconnected everything and then started all over again thinking that maybe I did something wrong, but had the same results.

I tried the optional external control, yes I disconnected the USB cable first. When the control powered up I tried to "jog" the motors X, Y, and Z but nothing moved.

I figured that maybe the control board no long was working so I switched the control board to another I had purchased about a year ago. It is a CronosMaker with an external control as well.

I tried connecting to Both the PC and laptop but same result. I next tried the external controller that came with the Cronos, but still no luck.

With the Cronos I also tried to re-load the firmware figuring maybe the Cronos might need to either updated or reloaded. Every time I tried Xloader would lock up and hang. I would have to kill the process to end it. I let it run for over a half an hour and it simply would not load.

I verified the com port in the device manager. I also verified that the baud rate was set to 115200 & 8-N-1.

So this my question; What the heck could possibly be the problem? What do I try next?

The only thing I can't test is the individual motors themselves, but I have a hard time believing that all 3 motors are dead just from sitting for several months.

Can anyone please help with this?

I use lasergrbl here.
To focus a laser there is only the Z step option unless you write a macro to do something ?
Here my macro used to be 2.5 mm up or down.
However you need to include a command to turn ON the laser as the simple up down does not do it on its own.

The command is the spindle command but I use a low spindle speed to stop the laser from coming on and doing a burn S5 to about S15 depending on the laser power.

To check most of the board / boards try simple jog movements and ensure they are first working.
Some of the "combined" boards have a MOSFET that is prone to failure but can generally be replaced with some simple soldering for something a little better.


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Once you know the focal point make yourself a little gauge and simply wind the Z down by hand until it touches it.
Its an old but very effective method and one I use here.

It makes for very quick focus adjustment to the work piece.