CNC Arduino Uno + EasyDriver v4.3 PORTUGAL

Hi, my name is Paulo Almeida, I’m starting to build my fist CNC MILL.

I’m using an Arduino Uno and 3 EasyDriver v4.3.

I’m running mmcp42’s software and firmware:

To compile his code on Arduino 0022 it is necessary to dell the fowling line:

#include <HardwareSerial.h>

from the GCode_Interpreter.pde

Here is my design for the CNC MILL:

I used Google Sketchup to create it.

Here are some pic of the frame constrution:

I also designed a "Motherboard" for the Arduino UNO and the 3 EasyDriver v4.3.

This motherboard allows me to connect 3 stepper motors and 6 limit switches.

I have 2 Jumpers per EasyDriver to change MS1 and MS2 so I can between 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 Microsteps.

It also has a connector with 2 digital pins (11 and 12) and GND for future expansion, for example Spindle control.

Here you have some Pic's of my board and the eagle file:

This is where I'm at the moment, I'm waiting now for lot's o things I bought on EBay (Motors, Rails... etc.)

My Budget for the Project are 500€, but I think I can finish it under 400€.

good job paulihno! do you know what the maximum current for the steppers is before you fry the stepper boards? And do you think there’s a way to expand the system with another stepper for 3d printing or a signal for controlling a cutting laser?

cheers, tim

Hi guys. I want to make a pcb CNC. NowI have bought easydriver and motors, and the spindle. Now I need the arduino code? Could someone please help me???