CNC driver (immediate help)

I am a university student. I have a project to do small 4 axis CNC, so I want to use 2kw spindle motor and 4 step motor. Which arduino driver can I use to attain a good overcome and where can I buy these drivers?

I've just deleted three identical copies of this question. Don't make it four.


You should ask your questions on one of the many CNC forums where people will have relevant experience.

The GRBL program will run on an Uno - but I have no idea whether it would meet your needs.

I would not consider 2kW to be small.

The Thread stepper motor basics may be of interest.


Yes, you need to do a lot of research, there will be many issues to think about with a large powerful machine. Until you have a good idea of the mechanical torque and rotation speed needed there is no point even thinking about motors and drivers.

Hints: you need to decide on requirements and wish-list first - in particular speed of rapids, max cutting forces, geometry of the machine (dual motor Y-axis perhaps?). How many limit switch inputs and other I/O?