cnc electronics selection (for Nema 23 3A motors)

I want to check feasibility of cnc router that i am building.... after research on internet, i have decided to use following components

arduino 2560 R3 (1Pc)

4A 9~40V Micro-Step CNC Single Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller LIO (4Pcs)

400W DC Spindle (Brushed) (1Pc) with DC controller (1Pc)

i am in dubai and i have checked out a website on which these are available. total cost on these are coming to be 100 dollars. i am concerned on quality of these components as i see much expensive components on some other websites. right now i have selected following

Please recommend me if these are worth buying or let me know from where should i buy these. I am in Dubai

Your links require registration - please give links that are accessible without any kind of registration.

What answers do you expect? Nobody can guarantee that the selected items fit your needs.

Make sure that your power supplies are sufficient for the motors, and that the motor drivers support that supply voltage and motor currents, at your worst case ambient temperature. The motors must provide the required torque.