CNC Joystick & power port question

evening folk's , I plan to use a Uno with a Ramp's board for a CNC project I have & found a controller to use a full size PC joystick with a Arduino so my question is , will I be able to use this board with the ramp's & uno ? My hands are kinda clumsy for the Arduino joystick . I should be able to jog the axix's on my machine with this ? Do I set the machine limits in the software or is it done with limit switches . Next question , I have seen small boards in a lot of schematics that have just the incoming power port on them .I have tried all sort of word combinations & have been unable to find them anywhere , what are they called ? tks animal

You never told us what your machine actually is. CNC can mean a hundred possible machined. Only you can tell if the joystick you have will work with your program.


My bad . I't's a old MAXNC10 which I plan to try to use a UNo with a Ramps board & Grbl

so my question is , will I be able to use this board with the ramp's & uno ?

It is not much of a board is it. Basically it is just a potential divider with the joystick as the top resistor. That means it will only give readings between 1023 and 512, you will not get lower than that.

You will only be able to use this with your system if you:- 1) Have enough free analogue inputs left on the Arduino after the other stuff. 2) You can hack or configure the software you plan to put in the Arduino to read those four inputs and do something meaningful with the readings it gets from them.

thanks , mike . I'm not fully sure what that means , I will loose 50% of the range as far as reading the joystick ? animal

You will only get readings from 512 to 1023. If you had a better circuit you could get readings from 0 to 1023. This range of readings into an Arduino will cover the full movement in one axis of your joystick.

This is because you have a fixed 100K resistor from analogue input to ground, while from input to 5V you have a variable resistor ( your joystick ) that ranges from zero to 100K. So when the joystick is fully over one way it is at zero ohms, you have 5V on the Analogue input and so when you read this you get the number 1023 back. When the joystick is all the way over to the other side it has a resistance of 100K. That resistance and the fixed resistance to ground form a potential divider and cause you to have a voltage of 2.5V on the analogue input. This will give you a reading of 512. You can never get lower than this.

To get a full range of readings the joystick must be wired as a potential divider not as that circuit shows a variable resistor. If that is possible with the type of joystick you have I don't know. But if you can't then it is a crap joystick.

ok , I guess I will have to investigate it some more , or maybe have my kid's give me one of theirs . on to question # 2 , anyone know what the name of the board is that just has the Japan power socket on it ? tks animal