cnc machining

Three principles of nc machining technology

1.The principle of maximum process concentration and location

According to the distance between the processing parts and the cutting point, in general, the parts close to the

cutting point are processed first, and the parts far away from the cutting point are processed later, so as to

shorten the moving distance of the cutting tool and reduce the time of empty travel. For turning, it is beneficial

to keep the rigidity of blank or semi-finished products and improve the cutting conditions. For both milling plane

and boring parts processing, can be milling plane before boring sequence. Because the cutting force is large when

milling the plane, the parts are prone to deformation, first milling the surface before boring, so that it has a

period of time to recover, after the recovery of deformation before boring, is conducive to ensuring the machining

accuracy of the hole, secondly, if the first boring before milling the plane, hole mouth will produce burr, flying

edge, affect the assembly of the hole.

The principle of first near and then far, first face and then hole

Generally on nc machine tools, especially on the machining center processing parts, processes can be concentrated

to the greatest extent, namely the parts in a clamping should as far as possible to complete the digit-controlled

lathe processing most or all of the process, nc machining tend to process, can reduce the number of machine tool

and workpiece clamping, reduce unnecessary positioning error and high productivity.

3.First rough, then fine

When carrying out numerical control machining, according to the parts of the processing precision, stiffness and

deformation and other elements to divide the process, should follow the rough, fine processing is separated to

divide the process, that is, after the first complete rough machining, then semi-finish machining, finish

machining. For a processed surface, it should be finished in the order of roughing - semi-finishing - finishing.

Rough machining should be in the guarantee of machining quality, tool durability and machine tool - fixture - tool

  • workpiece technology system rigidity allowed conditions, give full play to the performance of the machine tool

and cutting performance of the tool, try to use a larger number of cutting times to get the parts before finishing

as evenly as possible machining condition. The precision and surface quality of the parts are mainly guaranteed

when finishing, so the final contour of the parts should be finished by the last continuous finishing.

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