cnc ploter

Hello, I'm making a arduino uno based cnc ploter, using this cnc shield :

but so far I've tested the grbl only by uploading the .hex file into arduino by something called the Xloader: and moved my motors around on a 3 axis machine with GRBL controller:

and that way i had no way of seeing the program itself and no way of making adjustments like max distance or stuff like that.

now the first link shows how to load the GRBL into arduino IDE and i was wondering if theres a way i could make adjustments there.

The ploter im building has only 2 axis and an electro-magnet. and i need a way to change the Z-axis movment up and down into the on/off action of the magnet (the magnet puls down the pen to the paper if that wasn't clear)

does anyone knows how to go about it?

As far as I know you can only adjust the GRBL parameters from within GRBL itself (via one of the GRBL software, like GRBL Controller or chilipeppr or others).

If you just want to switch the z-axis on/off - that's pretty much the same as if you switch on/off a cnc laser plotter. Just search for grbl and laser and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

This is not really the place to get advice about GRBL. You should look on some of the CNC Forums or perhaps the RepRap Forum.

This Forum is mainly for helping people write their own programs.


I would skip the z axis and use the spindle on/off to raise and lower the pen.