CNC Problem

Hey Arduino Community!!!
I've put together a MPCNC using Arduino Uno (GRBL) with a CNC Shield and CNCjs on my PC.
Everything is working but the problem is that when I am running the Gcode file it just stops halfway through the process. Any idea what could be wrong if anything. Is there a file size limit for the gcode to be?


bad usb cable, bad power supply.

Is it just a stand alone gCode sender or do you use a (phyton based) Progam?

Otherwise try something like bCNC (free), EstlCam or Mach3

Some senders do not like large files.
This can be especially true for JAVA based senders which can on occasion LEAK with large files causing a seemingly random stop or just hanging.

There are cases where you can define extra memory space for a particular JAVA program but you would have to talk to the people where you got the program for specifics.

You can verify leaks by dry testing different size g-code files.
Or if you are trying multiple passes then cut down on the passes so maybe do a set of passes at a roughing setting in one program and then do a second set of less passes at a medium setting in thier own program, and finally doing a short set of finishing passes again in thier own program.

Downside of that method is that if you loose home position at any time it can be awkward to pick up a new home unless you already have homing switches etc.

Another option is to try a different sender as you can choose from so many.
Mach3 and Esticam would not be my first choice for a new user as they are PAID programs.
So until you are more at home with senders and g-code the free ones will often suffice.
I like UGS in particular. It too can be a little tricky about extra large files but for the most it does what I need.

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