CNC project - parts voltage compatability

Hi, I'm trying to come up with a parts list for my first small CNC build. I am wondering about the voltage compatibility between a few of the components and what power supply to get. As of now I am planning to use nema 23 4.2A motors, TB660 motor drivers and an Arduino Uno. The motors call for 24-48v, the drivers call for up to 48v and the Uno looks to want no more than 12v. So the questions are:

Are these compatible?

In wiring diagrams I've seen it looks like only the drivers are wired directly to the + of the power supply, so do they regulate the voltage to the arduino to 12v or less?

Assuming these are compatible, what voltage power supply should i get? my inclination is to go 24v but is there a reason to go higher as the drivers and motors can go up to 48?

links to the actual items I'm looking at


so do they regulate the voltage to the arduino to 12v or less?

No. The motor power supply to the driver only powers the motors, You must supply the 5V power for the Uno. Either with a different supply or by dropping the motor supply voltage,
There are DC-DC converters (buck converters) that can input 24V or 36V or more and output the 5V for the processor from the motor supply.
Something like this among many others. Search for "DC-DC converter 48V to 5V".

Stepper motors can work at higher speeds when a higher voltage is used.

I think the simplest thing is to arrange a separate power supply for the Uno. The Uno needs very little current so I would power it from a regulated 5v supply (to the 5v pin) using a 7805 voltage regulator from the motor power supply.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Does a 7805 accept 48 volt input?

Does a 7805 accept 48 volt input?

Dunno - that's what datasheets are for.


Now I know…

Absolute Maximum Ratings(Note 1)
Input Voltage (for VO = 5V to 18V) VI 35 V

Not suitable at voltages above 35V like 48V.