CNC router, multiple steppers per axis

Im starting a build on a mini cnc router and the steppers I have are too weak to get the speed I want.

I have a few smaller steppers and I'm curious if it's possible to drive one axis with multiple steppers, even if they're different motors?

Should I use another stepper driver but send the same step and dir signals as for the other motor?

U can see on some CNC that there are 2 lead screws on each side of the axes and 2 steppers (especially on gantry CNC). I can see no problem of having 3 leadscrews or more (except of more friction)....

U could also try few steppers on one belt driving the leadscrew...

The problem is of course that more steppers could mean more stepper controllers..... 2 steppers on one controller could exceed the current limit of the controller and also the rig runs hotter....


it's possible to drive one axis with multiple steppers

Yes it is but it can be tricky mechanically coupling them. Most designs I have seen involve belts and pulleys to couple the motors.

However the best bet is to get the proper size motor and drive it correctly. By that I mean using over voltage and a current limiting driver.

I was going to attempt 2 motors on one leadscrew, with helical couplers, what pitfalls are involved with this?

Mainly mechanical, you need to ensure that the steps are applies at the same time but as you might know no two events can be considered to happen simultaneously. Therefore there will be a staggering of the torque which might cause jitter in the final tool movement, especially when it is under some end load.