CNC shield v3 issue X happy Y sad

Hi One and All,

New here and new ish to electronics.

I have put together a physical test environment with a 450watt psu from a PC, an Arduino UNO R3, CNC Shield v3 - this is driving 3 dvd/cd rom drawer stepper motors via 3 A4988 drivers.

Firmware uploaded as gbrl v09 using XLoader and running some test g-code using UCG.

I have set V-ref on the drivers using a multimeter balancing motor function and heat. Well, there is in fact a very small voltage window where the motors work (.75 or thereabouts) the coils test at 10-11ohms.

The issue! X, Y, and Z axis all work perfectly when run individually. However, from a blog (can’t recall which right now) I have created some polygons for the 3 axis to draw/print.

X and Y motors won’t run at the same time when the code dictates. X always runs and Y just shudders but when the code within the same file dictates motor Y to run alone it works fine. Z works fine irrespective of what X and Y do.

I have tried adjusting v-ref to no avail. Does anyone here have any ideas how I can get Y to run alongside X?

Thanks in advance…

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