CNC Shield V3 With Endstops not working properly

Hey Guys,

I'm using a CNC Shield V3 for the Arduino with GRBL and it works perfectly.

I am now trying to add END STOPS / Limit Switched. I have Normally open loop and they work fine when the stepper motors aren't powered on but as soon as i power on the stepper motors it suddenly trips the alarm and says the end stop has been pressed even though it hasn't.

If the motors aren't powered on then the end stops work fine when i press it then the alarm get's triggered otherwise it doesn't. Anyone have trouble like this?

Are you using input or input_pullup in your pinMode statements?

Where do i find this? I haven't set anything like this

It'll be in the GRBL code.

I just uploaded the grbl sketch to the arduino didn't change anything their

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