CNC shield with module relay

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Well now I work with Arduino on a CNC machine and CNC shield wire I X and Y their works perfectly . ( I use G- code sender TO ORDER THESE Two Engines )

Whether the problem is the ax Z is command by a pneumatic energy ( Cylinders ELECTROVANNE ... ) Who are controllable relay WITH moduls relay

my question is Is That I can USE CNC my shield and Relay Module for Controler my ax Z. Knowing That relay is Powers by a voltage of 5 V.

I tried for the 5V connected / GND From CNC shield VCC / GND But nothing happened.


You have not told us what CNC program you are using on your Arduino.
You have not posted a link to the datasheet for the CNC shield.


I think you can get information with this link...

Thank for your help

Image from Reply #2 so we don't have to download it. See Image Guide


And what CNC program are you using?


I use Universal G-code sender it's work perfectly for X et Y ( control by motor) but for Z I use pneumatic energy?

How I can do this? I know that I need relays module for control hight energy but I don't know how I can Use that.


I thought the GCode Sender was a program on a PC to send GCode to an Arduino?

If that is correct then there must be a program on the Arduino to interpret the GCode and make the motors move. That is the program we need to know about.

If I am wrong about the GCode Sender pleas post a link to its documentation.


In the arduino I use Grbl ( GitHub - grbl/grbl: An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino ) the GRBL convert the G-code from G-code sender to arduino language.

Do you this I need change the one programm in grbl file ?

In the arduino I use Grbl

Finally ... :slight_smile:

I reckon you need to put your question to someone who is familiar with GRBL - perhaps on one of the CNC Forums or on the RepRap Forum.

The Arduino Forum is primarily for helping people write their own programs.