does anyone know anything about this cheap cnc mill, not the laser. im trying to update the firmware and i think i really screwed it up. the firmware i got was from here and some kind of patch im suppose to apply i cannot figure out how? patch link what happens after i update the firmware the machine wont jog or do anything although i hear the motors trying to do somthing

i have the axis's back to normal direction but i feel like its printing a lot smaller than it use to. im not sure how to correctly setup this machine and the isnt much on it. it being powered by an arduino i'm hoping to get some information here


Those are the grbl commands to set the steps per mm for the axes. When you send $$ to grbl what do you see for the $100, $101, $102 entries?

dump the settings this is what it say

$ < $0=10

the machine came with grbl 0.9 i upgraded to 1.1f. when i try to move the bed forward OR backwards it just moves the mill head left. did they change the pinout in between versions? also in the grbl controll software “laserAxe.exe” with version 0.9 the status window will say idle when the machine is connected. now it says unknown but is still trying to send commands down the serial.
i compared the settings to these on the 1.1 configuration page here

okay i figured it out. if you have the cnc2417 you have to use the patch file here dont forget to remove the "-" and "+" before the definitions. then the motors will be working. however im not sure how to set the stepping distance or speed??