CNC3-3018Pro samples in console


I have a problem with the new cnc 3018. When I try to connect in the console, stamps pop up. Attempts to send the program end up in a few steps.

Use a short USB cable, shielded, with ferrite beads. Try again.

I have already tried this way. I suspect damaged ch340c. The board also has a serial input. I just don't know if it's parallel to CH340.

It's parallel. You'll need to desolder the CH340 ... or cut it's legs, as it's dead anyway.

Not sure what you mean by "stamps"
Don't remove the CH340 unless you know for sure it is dead !
Even then it would not normally cause an issue.

be aware that some of the chinese CNC boards may have another use for the RX TX pins.
A picture of the board or link to where you got it would be useful to those trying to help.

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