CNMAT Sensor Workshop for Musicians and Artists

I will be teaching this workshop at CNMAT UC Berkeley from Mon Jul 21st 2008 - Fri Jul 25th 2008

Participants can use and explore Arduino, uOSC, wiring etc.

This workshop offers a hands-on survey of sensors, sensor interfaces and integration software and hardware for use in musical performance, dance, video, sound and art installations. Students will explore sensor systems from CNMAT's extensive library (and ones they bring to share) integrating them in a range of sound, image and motion synthesis systems. muilti-touch and many-touch systems will be explored.

We will survey core sensor types including: resistive, position, inertial, capacitive, RF, ultrasound, magnetic and optical. We will explore the major sensor integration systems, e.g., Make Controller Kit, Wiring, Arduino (Freeduino, Lilypad, Orangutan, Boarduini, RBBA etc), CUI, and the latest uOSC, and how to adapt existing sensors such as the Nintendo Wii controllers. During the laboratory sessions we will build complete instruments and art pieces by using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol as glue between sensor data and synthesis patches in PD and Max/MSP/Jitter. Sample programs for these environments will be provided to test and calibrate the sensor projects and contextualize them in viable artistic contexts. Students will have hands on experience with innovative sensor systems being presented at NIME 2008.

The practical core of the workshop will be complemented by inspiring guest presentations from leading developers and performers of sensor based music and art. For more information and signup: