CO data logger

I have a truck camper with a generator compartment that is not going to be used anytime soon for a generator. I want to transport some live birds in the compartment. The exhaust for the truck is on the same side as the compartment. I need to detect exhaust (CO really) in the compartment to know if this is safe for the birds.

I see there are CO sensors by Spark fun among others for fairly cheap, but I'm wondering if these would be a good choice for a CO data logger? I was thinking I could put something together and drive with it in the compartment to see if CO ever got to dangerous levels.

Any existing projects that do this (couldn't find any in a search) would be appreciated. I assume that once a sensor is selected it's a simple code, so that would just be a bonus.

Diesel or gasoline truck? Diesel generates almost zero CO.

If gas, what year? Anything since about 1995 generates so little CO that it's unlikely to be a problem. Are you in a state that has smog checks? They can tell you what's in your exhaust very easily.

If you just want to do this once, then look for a "confined space monitor" You can get Oxygen, CO, H2S and possibly other gases combined into a very small battery-operated unit.

Since CO is heavier than air, the only time CO could possible get inside the camper is if you are camped somewhere with the engine running.


2016 diesel truck. The camper has the gender box at the back on the passenger side which is a couple feet behind the tail pipe. This will be a 1 time test which is why I was thinking a cheap arduino setup rather that $500 gas monitor. I'm not worried about exhaust in the camper, just in the box.

Aren't there regulations about transporting animals.

I would not be putting birds in an enclosed box close to exhaust fumes at all.

The only safe place is in the back in the living area of the camper where you are.

Tom.... :slight_smile: