CO2 and humidity sensor figaro CDM4161

Anyone out there has used the CDM4161 sensor with Arduino? I would like some input on wiring and coding for this project... :- 8-)

hey, Read your post, have you had any luck am looking for the exact same thing?

Hmm. Looks like it may be very useful in helping to grow certain of the more exotic plants. ;)

I too have been looking for something like this for a while to trigger a solinoid connected to a CO2 canister.

Not tried the sensor, but from looking at the datasheet it looks pretty easy to use.

To connect it to the Arduino you'd only need 3 connections really. Obviously, it needs 5v(pin 1 on CO2 unit) and ground(pin 5), aside from that, connect Vconc (pin 2) to one of the Arduinos analog pins.

You don't need the other two connections. You could connect pin 4, 'TRBL', to any of the Arduinos digital pins to indicate if there's a problem with the module if you wished.

Pin 3 isn't needed if your going to constantly be measuring the CO2 concentration, it just pushes high if the concentration reaches a preset defined level, presumably set by the four jumpers.

As for code, it depends on your model.

For the L00 model: C02 = (analogRead(x) * (5/1024)) * 1000

For the M00 model: C02 = (analogRead(x) * (5/1024)) * 2000

Where 'x' is the analog pin you've got it plugged into.

Hope this helps.

Any idea on price, as most CO2 sensor are quite expensive. :'(

Regards, The Cageybee