CO2 sensor

I just got my Uno for Christmas and did my first program, Blink. Awesome little machine. My first part of the project is to connect a CO2 sensor to it and read the results for now. The output is 0-10vdc in a linear curve. 0vdc=0ppm .1vdc=200ppm .2vdc=440ppm..........10vdc=2000ppm which is the top range. My question is how to interface the two. Do I need a voltage of maximum 5vdc for a input or can it read the 10vdc. If I do need 5vdc, what can I use to drop he voltage and keep it linear.

The second part is the sketch. Any help would be appreciated. i would like to read the data and log it to make a graph or some kind of visual organizer.

you should google for a voltage divider to make the 10VDC => 5VDC

For the interpretation of the values you might have a look at - -

PLease take also some time to go through the tutorial section to learn more about the Arduino programming language. YOu will be amazed how much you will pick up in day 1.

Thanks, I'll make a voltage divider to interface the two. I found a basic sketch for reading the output. Thanks for the help.

If there are more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them (after some trying first of course :wink: