CoAP server for Arduino

MicroCoAP is my minimal implementation of coap-draft-18 for microcontrollers.
It runs on Arduino (~16KB binary size including ethernet library) and should port cleanly to other systems.
The included example uses the Ethernet library.

It only implements part of the spec, but seems to work with Copper (Firefox coap plugin) and libcoap from a PC.

Share and enjoy.

@tobyjaffey : Hey sorry to keep on bothering and nagging you. I have a problem ( once again ). I hope this is and will be final issue. Here is the problem:

  1. When i compile and run the program , it is working fine. IT gets compiled and I then open the serial monitor. Actually it should print the IP address. But instead what happens is that it prints random charecters ( like tose boxes). Sometimes it never prints anything and just scrolls the blank screen. Sometimes neither. I tried checking whether it is the problem with the shield by running a test program to print the IP address. It worked perfectly and so is the Arduino Web server example program. I don't seem to understand why it is acting so strange.

For ur info I am using a Arduino Mega328p in a Xbee PRO board with a USB converter board. (since the Xbee PRO board does not have a USB output).